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A certification in Public relations offers a diversified communication background; covering crises management, media, stakeholder management and a host of other reputation building functions. It therefore would serve as a foundation for both practicing and would-be communication executives and enthusiasts to build market relevant communication careers. The training process not only prepares you for the professional exams, but also polishes your personal communication skills.

So, if you have a flair for communication, solving problems, meeting people, and generally DO NOT enjoy stereotyped (boring) job, then this might be the certification you need; to give your career some wings.
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flexibity of our training!

Our Training is packaged with flexibity in mind, learn at your pace with our e-learning portal.

Our e-learning tools create exciting platforms and experiences that takes learning "beyond walls". If your intention is to make all your papers at any stage of NIPR professional exams, then you are just a click away from success.

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Our Tutors are certified practitioners and lecturers in the field

Our brand loyalty is drawn from the innovative and exam focused lectures and training we offer to students preparing for the certifying examinations of the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR) and the Business Education Examination Council (BEEC)...

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Akomen Corp. Comm Mgr. Cadbury PlcI never believed I could do ten courses at a sitting because of my work pressures and schedule until I enrolled for Lectures at PETS. The facilitators are quite resourcesful and helpful.

Joan HiTV, LagosWhat I learnt during the sessions not only helped me prepare well for my exams, it made me perform better at my job.

Susan Ecobank PlcI now look forward to my CIPR UK certification. Thanks to PETS for guiding me through my NIPR exams.

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